A downloadable ClaireAndNetty for Windows and macOS

Claire and Netty is a student-made 3D character platformer. Players help reunite Claire the penguin and Netty the chicken, friends reared apart by a mysterious legion of robots under the banner of RoboCorp. Being a penguin and chicken, Claire and Netty aren't the best fliers... at least on their own. Together, they can soar through the skies (almost)! Spin, slide, glide, and jump your way out of captivity!

Want an excuse to keep playing? Try a speedrun!

Submit your time to our Google Form: https://forms.gle/d36vmcbABDjxk7gS6

And checkout the Leaderboards: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WaQG4dNhAmHS4eWCbc3cNa758usyqcMuIxAbXzoL...

Install instructions

Download ClaireAndNettyBuilds.zip, and un-zip it.

A Windows build and MacOS build are included in the zip folder.

Simply run the appropriate executable for your Operating System and start playing!

MacOS users may not be allowed to open the executable per their security settings. If you experience this, simply Right Click -> "Open" the .app file to bypass your security settings and play the game.


Clare And Netty.zip 254 MB

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